Bonded and Sufferance Warehouse Services in Canada

Bonded and sufferance warehouses play an integral role in the storage of imported goods in Canada. When products arrive in a country that does not have clearance for their next destination, they are stored in either a bonded or sufferance warehouse.

The use of these warehouses gives businesses time to get the necessary permits or approvals needed before their products can be released and sent on their way.

If your business needs a sufferance or bonded warehouse in Canada, Freight Xperts can help. We offer bonded and sufferance warehouse services in Vancouver, Toronto, and across Canada.

Bonded Warehouses

Bonded warehouses are customs-controlled areas where non-duty-paid goods are stored until they are either exported or released for consumption. In a bonded warehouse, the goods are considered to be imported into Canada. This classification provides businesses with the ability to alter goods and delay the payment of duties and taxes until the products are ready to be shipped to their next destination.

Bonded warehouses are long-term storage facilities that are typically used by businesses that import large quantities of goods or goods that need to be stored for more than a year.

Sufferance Warehouses

Sufferance warehouses are privately owned storage facilities approved by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to store imported goods that have not yet been released from customs. These warehouses are much more limited than bonded warehouses and are only accessed by authorized employees.

Sufferance warehouses are short-term solutions for businesses that are waiting on the release of their imported goods. Once the documentation and permits have been finalized, the products can be released from the sufferance warehouse and sent on their way. Learn more about sufferance warehousing in Vancouver.

Find Bonded & Sufferance Warehouses in Canada

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