Over Dimensional Trucking to and from Vancouver

Over-dimensional trucking is a type of freight trucking that involves hauling oversized or overweight loads. Over-sized loads can be challenging to transport due to their size and weight. Trucking of over-dimensional loads in Vancouver requires specialized equipment and expertise.

At Freight Xperts, we have the experience and expertise to handle over dimensional trucking needs. We work closely with each business to customize a unique delivery solution that meets oversized load requirements. We have a fleet of 22 loading bays, 135 trucks, and 450 trailers, and we can handle over-dimensional loads.

How Are Oversized Loads Transported?

There are a few ways to deliver oversized loads. The most common method is using a flatbed trailer. This type of trailer has a flatbed surface, allowing easy loading and unloading of the cargo.

Another popular method is using a lowboy trailer. Lowboy trailers have a lower deck height, which makes them ideal for hauling heavy shipments.

Benefits of Over-Dimensional Trucking Services

There are many benefits to using over dimensional trucking services. This type of trucking is ideal for hauling over-dimensional and heavy loads that cannot be transported using traditional shipping containers. Over-dimensional trucking is also more cost-effective than other methods, such as air freight or rail.

Some of the benefits of professional over-dimensional trucking services include:

  • Cost-effective shipping for large and heavy loads
  • Safe and secure trucking of oversized loads

Businesses that require trucking services for over-dimensional loads will likely need professional assistance.

Over-Dimensional Trucking Services in Vancouver

For Vancouver businesses that require over-dimensional trucking services, Freight Xperts is the perfect solution. We provide customized delivery solutions from Vancouver to Toronto, Texas, Montreal, California, and many other North American cities. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best way to transport your load based on its size, weight, and destination.

To learn more about our over-dimensional trucking services, contact Freight Xperts today.