Refrigerated Warehousing Services in Canada

Refrigerated warehousing services ensure the perfect storage conditions for your products. We provide a complete solution for your perishable goods, from storage to transportation. Our deluxe facilities are designed to keep your products at the perfect temperature, whether frozen, chilled, or refrigerated.

A refrigerated warehousing provider helps to ensure optimal food safety, inventory management, and a smooth delivery process for businesses shipping temperature-sensitive goods. Having access to a large network of refrigerated warehouses is paramount for an effective and low-cost supply chain. 

Freight Xperts is a warehouse, fulfillment, and freight expert in Vancouver and across Canada. We provide an advantageous location that is close to ports and rails. Our beneficial location allows us to ensure goods are quickly received and stored in our refrigerated warehouse network.

The Benefits of Working With Freight Xperts for Refrigerated Warehousing

By partnering with Freight Xperts, businesses can leverage our experience, trained staff, refrigerated equipment, and vast warehouse network across Canada.

A few benefits of working with Freight Xperts for refrigerated warehousing include:

  • Product visibility and tracking of necessary details
  • Order management (including, receipts, confirmation, adjustments, and reverse logistics)
  • Extensive technology options that make inventory control and product rotation easy
  • Co-packing, trucking, and other fulfillment services
  • Reduced complexity throughout logistics
  • Best-in-class equipment

With our refrigerated warehouses, businesses will see a reduction in costs, an increase in efficiencies, and peace of mind that their goods are stored safely.

Get Professional Refrigerated Warehousing Help

Working with an established partner such as Freight Xperts will make a noticeable difference for those needing refrigerated warehousing. We offer affordable rates, high-end equipment, and customized solutions. From managing costs, inventory, and transportation efforts, our team of experts has the experience and dedication necessary to make your project a success.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how we can help with your refrigerated warehousing needs.